What is Astra and how to get the Astra?

AstraCard.jpgAstra is a NPC Card that is useful to get more stat profit if you use, Astra features can open if you reach level 18 and completed quest [Altelmyst], in the below is stat profit:

- Astra Cuze’s Faith can get Instan MP recovery 30%.
- Astra Karol’s Guidance can get EXP gain +100%.
- Astra Cristin’s Pride can get ATK speed +20%.
- Astra Elin’s Peace increase Item drop rate 20%.
- Astra Yata’s Belief increase Instan HP recovery 25%.
- Astra Juke’s Principle increase Damage block +10%.
- Astra Lyzabet’s Elixir increase Critical rate +35%.
- Astra Elsa’s Wisdom increase Penetration +10%.

Here you can view all Astra and check levels, rankings, EXP gauge and other information for the Astra you own. You just own a maximum of 3 for use the Astra card. Tap Equip for equip the Astra you choose.

To obtain Astra Card you must go to the certain NPC. Tap the Astra card for showing the detailed stat information and tap button icon astraicon.png to go directly to the relevant NPC, talk to the NPC and they need Increase Faction, after faction full you can get the Astra card.
To increase faction you need some item like Neveh Spice, Duranium, Eveh Lumber, Emperor Salmon and more. This item can you get and collected from produce in the Kingdom. Exchange this item for get the increase faction.

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