What is Soulstone and where I can get?

Soulstone is Stone can growing up your status and increase your skill effects.
There are 5 types of Soulstones, each with a unique quality: Earth, Wind, Sea, Dream, and Narr.

Earth, Wind, Sea: additional skill effect.
Dream: additional stats.
Narr: additional buff and curse effect, including the general Soulstone effect.

You can get Soulstone from Raid. Soulstone increase your character status and maximize your skill effects.
There are three types of Soulstones: Status Soulstones, Skill Soulstones and Special Soulstones.

  1. Status Soulstones: Increase your character stats.
  2. Skill Soulstones: Increase your character stats and skill stats or increase the number of skill projectiles.
  3. Special Soulstone: Added a special ability.

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