How to join Altar of Ordeals in the Guild Challenge?

There are 3 levels of difficulty in the Altar of Ordeals: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The overall difficulty will be adjusted according to your level. Higher difficulty will yield better rewards.
You can get Honor Coins and a lot of EXP in the Altar of Ordeals. You many play the Altar up to 3 times a day. It is a good idea to play the Altar of Ordeals if you want to level up quickly and buy things at the Honor store.

For join to the Altar of Ordeals in the Guild Challenge, you must follow provision at below:

  1. Your character should be at least level 10 to play the Altar of Ordeals.
  2. You need silver keys to play the Altar of Ordeals.
  3. Silver keys are refilled once a day.
  4. You can get Honor Coin from the Altar of Ordeals.
  5. The higher the difficulty, the more Honor Coins are rewarded.
  6. The time limit for the Altar of Ordeals is 2 minutes 30 second.
  7. In the Altar of Ordeals, monsters’stats are adjusted according to your character level.

- Easy: (Character level +1 level) monster
- Normal: (Character level +2 levels) monster
- Hard: (Character level +4 levels) monster.

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