My Character Get Hacked/Scammed, What should I do about it?

If you have been scammed/hacked or believe that you have been scammed/hacked, please provide the following info when contacting our support team.

Note: Any shared account information with other players is breach of our Privacy Policy and we cannot restore any items lost when the account is compromised. We can only act on losses that were caused by a compromise in our own service and not to the security of device player or other mediums where players may store information outside of our system. We are willing to restore ownership of the account back to you but any losses will not be restored.

Please provide us with the following information below:

  • Game Played:
  • Character:
  • Server [if the game have any]:
  • Who else knows your account information:
  • When did this occur (mm/dd/yyyy):
  • Player action after hack/scam:
  • Account registered Email Address:
  • IP Address:
  • Screenshot before struck hacked/scammed:
  • Message:

Please send this detail information to our Support team through Submit Ticket or Submit Request.

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