How Can I Purchase with Google Play Store in Android or Appstore in iOS?

  1. You can use Credit or Debit Card. You can add the following Credit/Debit cards to your account:
    • American Express
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • Discover (US only)
    • JCB (Japan and US only)
    • Visa Electron (Outside the US only)
    • Elo (Brazil only)
    The types of cards accepted through Google Play may vary by location
  2. You can use Google Wallet/Carrier Billing with some mobile devices and service plans, you can charge app and digital content purchases to your carrier bill.
    When you buy an app, you'll see the charge on your carrier account after 15 minutes.
    Note: You may see an SMS (text message) starting with "DCB_Association" on your phone when you sign up for direct carrier billing.The DCB_Association message is automatically generated and sent to complete enrollment in direct carrier billing for your Google Play account.
  3. Direct carrier billing troubleshooting
    If you don't see a carrier billing option, keep in mind:
    Direct carrier billing is only available using the Google Play Store app. It isn't available on the Google Play website on a computer or mobile browser. Your account with your carrier must be in good standing.
    Check with your carrier to make sure:
    • You haven't exceeded your carrier's monthly spending limit.
    • Your device and service plan allow premium content purchases.
    • Your device can use direct carrier billing.
    Cancelled purchases
    Purchases that aren't successfully authorized with your carrier are immediately cancelled. For help with unsuccessful direct carrier billing purchases, contact your mobile service provider.
  4. Redeem Code which are given by Google Play Store.
    Google Play gift cards and promotional codes are available in select countries. Redeemed gift cards and some promotional codes appear on your account as part of your Google Play balance. Click here for more information.
  5. Payment with iOS
  • Open the iTunes Store or App Store app.
  • Scroll down the bottom of the screen and tap your Apple ID.
  • Tap View Apple ID. You might need to sign in.
  • Tap Payment Information.
  • Under the list of payment options, select Mobile Phone.
  • If the phone you're using is the one connected to the carrier plan that you want to bill to, select "Use This Mobile Number.” Then tap next. If you don't see "Use This Mobile Number" or you want to use a different number, tap "Use a Different Mobile Number," then continue with the steps in the next section. If you're not using iOS 8.4 or higher, you'll need to enter your mobile phone number manually.
  • Apple will use the mobile number of the iPhone you're on to check with your carrier and confirm that you can be signed up for mobile phone billing. You might see a screen that says “Verifying” while this happens.

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