Ada berapa tipe skill karkater yang digunakan di dalam permainan Iris M?

Skill  karakter di Iris M akan dibagi menjadi 2 yaitu Skill Active dan Passive

Skill Active adalah skill utama yang dapat digunakan untuk melawan musuh secara langsung. Skill Active dapat di tinggkatkan sesuai level karakter. Selain level karakter untuk dapat meningkatkan Skill Active harus memiliki sejumlah Skill point dan Gold koin.

Skill Passive adalah skill tambahan yang dapat meningkatkan status atau abiliti pada karakter kamu. Skill Passive dapat di tinggkatkan sesua level karakter. Selain level karakter untuk dapat meningkatkan Skill Active harus memiliki sejumlah Skill point dan Gold koin.

- Knight :

Skill Active
1.png A sword swing that deals damage to an enemy target
2.png A massive blow that slows down an enemy target
3.png A massive sword swing that pulverizes enemies is your path
4.png Become one withthe sword to attack all surrounding enemies
5.png Consecutive sword swing at an enemy target
6.png A charging attack that reduces enemy movement speed
7.png Momentarily hardens skin, reducing damage from enemies
Skill Passive
01.png Concentrates all power in the body's core, making it more rigid
02.png Draws forth inner stamina throught repeated training
03.png Concentrates strength during one's strongest attacks

- Mage :

Skill Active
1.png Launches a magic missile to attack the enemy
2.png A spear of ice that damage an enemy and reduces its movement speed
3.png A comet that deals magic damage to target while also reducing their magic defense
4.png A burst of flame energy that sets fire to surrounding enemies
5.png Corrupt energy that deals pain to a target
6.png A burst of repellant mana energy that deals magic damage to surrounding enemies, pushing them back and immobilizing them
7.png Focuses the mind to magnify magic attack power
Skill Passive
01.png Survival training that increases one's life force
02.png Increases defense power through traditional meditation
03.png Steels the character to block strong enemy attacks

- Ranger :

Skill Active
1.png Fire bullet, dealing damage to an enemy target
2.png Launcehes a daring attack to thwart an enemys

A shrapnel attack that hits several enemies at once

4.png A ruthless attack that scorches a target area and reduces the physical defense power of enemies wihtin it

Multiple bullets to seal an enemy's fate

6.png A havy blow that deals critical attack damage
7.png Channels the blessings of the wind to increase attack speed
Skill Passive
1a.png Use the eyes of a hawk to analyze the attack patterns of an enemy
2a.png Pounds an enemy with an unavoidable attack targeting their weak point
3a.png Enables nimble movement to avoid enemy attacks


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